About Our Program

Take a look at this video and read on afterwards...you will see why we are looking for people like you!

The Aurora ARG VE Program is a gathering of dedicated men and women who admire our club's core vision.  Our club's vision is as follows:

"...To serve America's underserved through compassion, leadership, professionalism and integration of 21st century technological innovation regardless of physical location."

How we maintain this vision for amateur radio license testing on a personnel level is very simple.  Volunteer examiners from far and wide serving with the Aurora ARG VE Program understand that amateur radio license testing is more than just administering an examination.  It's about community.  It's about engaging in fellowship with every examinee.  It's about incorporating encouragement to pursue your goals and dreams in this hobby we all cherish.  It's about sharing ideas, knowledge, wisdom and fostering enthusiasm that is lacking in many circles.  It's about streamlining the process of helping someone get an examination from start to finish.  It's about going the extra mile to make sure every applicant has all of their questions answered in a very timely manner.  All of this together can be summed up into one simple phrase.  We call it the "Aurora Touch".

The big question is ... why are we doing this?  It is simple.  We do all of this because we care.  We do all of this because amateur radio has become an intricate part of who we are as a collective group.  We do this because you can not place a price tag on the gratification received by examinees who leave with a CSCE.  We do this because giving back through helping the amateur radio community has brought our VE team closer than ever before.  We are more than just friends.  We are like family.  It's the incredible teamwork and dedication we all put together that has made the Aurora ARG VE Program what it is today.  That is why we are doing this.  Deviating from this would be a tremendous dis-service to the amateur radio community.

On a technological level, we continue to evolve with the desire to always improve.  From a one-stop shop to registering for an exam session to web based testing, the Aurora ARG VE Program is well on its way to being a pioneer in exam delivery.  Since February 2021, we have been actively using and maintaining our own in-house exam platform.  Our platform, called HamExamGen, is the first of its kind to run with the internet, or off-grid on a Raspberry Pi and a local wireless access point!  No internet is required for our off-grid system.  This same platform has already become our new web based exam standard as it offers some incredible flexibility.

If you are interested in joining our VE team and becoming a part of our amazing movement, we encourage you to join us!  You may begin that process by clicking HERE.