Exam Fees

The Aurora ARG VE Program currently offers examinations through a working agreement with the ARRL VEC.  As part of that working agreement, we are required to charge their fee for amateur radio license testing.  The fee to test with us is $15.00 which allows you to take more than one element at a single session.  Should you not pass an attempt at any element and be eligible for re-examination by our VE team, you will not be required to pay the fee again.  We give FREE exams to the following applicants:

    a.)  Applicants under the age of 18
    b.)  Active duty U.S. Armed Forces personnel
    c.)  U.S. Armed Forces veterans
    d.)  First Responders
    e.)  Sworn law enforcement officers

Applicants falling under this category will need to immediately notify us via email at ve(at)aarg.club and providing detail as to how you qualify.  Further instructions will be given via email upon receipt of your initial contact with us.