What to expect on Exam Day

a.)  We will send you an email at your assigned time that contains a link to join a Zoom conference.  You will first join the conference with your primary camera.  The primary camera would typically be your laptop or desktop computer.

b.)  Once we have established audio and video communications with you, instructions will be given at that time for your second device to be connected to the Zoom conference.  You will be asked to join with video only and refrain from using device audio.

c.)  After both devices are connected to the Zoom conference, you will be directed to our exam platform and asked to not touch anything further on that page until you are told to do so in the exam room by your Lead VE.

d.)  Our Examinee Setup & Support will tell you what is going to happen once you confirm that the Examinee Login Page from our exam platform has successfully loaded on your web browser.  Here is a rundown on what follows next:
    i.)  As soon as the greeter is notified by the Lead Volunteer Examiner they are ready for you to test, a popup will appear asking you to join a breakout room.  That is your queue to join the exam room.  You will need to join with both of your devices.  Remember that the Examinee must be at a table/desk with their computer.  Only one display/monitor can be connected (or turned on) during the examination.
    ii.)  Once you are in the exam room, the Lead Volunteer Examiner will give you a warm welcome, perhaps chat some and then prepare the exam environment.
    iii.)  You will be asked to swing your second camera around the entire room (360 degrees), must show the floor in the vicinity of the testing area, and must show the ceiling above the examination area.
    iv.)  You will be asked to position the second device in a way that meets the requirements as listed above.
    v.)  You will be asked to present valid government issued photo identification.  The photo ID you present must *NOT* have anything covered and altered!  If you are physically testing from a location that is outside the United States, you MUST have a valid form of identification issued by a U.S. state or federal government agency AND proof of having a valid mailing address in the United States, otherwise we can not administer your examination.  A complete list of acceptable forms of identification can be found by clicking HERE.
    vi.)  The Lead VE will ask if you are wearing a smart watch or headphones.  You may not wear a smart watch or headphones during the session.
    vii.)  While not required, you will be asked about scratch paper.  If you don't already have it memorized, you will need to write your FRN down on a piece of paper, as that is how you will access your exam through our platform.  The FRN written down is the *ONLY* thing permitted to be on it prior to your exam!  Scratch paper is certainly permitted and encouraged during the exam.  Remember, you will be asked to show both sides of it on camera.
    viii.)  You will be asked about using a calculator.  If you are using a calculator, you must clear the memory and show the VE team the keystrokes on camera.  Scientific calculators are permitted during the exam, as long as their memory can be cleared to the satisfaction of the VE team.  The VE team must be satisfied this requirement has been met or the calculator may not be used.  Graphing calculators are not permitted.  Our exam platform has a calculator built in, should it become necessary during the exam.  Examinees are not permitted to use the calculator application (i.e. program) associated with their computer's operating system.
    ix.)  By this point, you will be close to starting your exam.  The Lead VE will read a few advisory statements prior to starting your exam.  They are as follows:
    x.)  The Examinee will be asked to ensure their smartphone or other devices capable of receiving notifications is placed on mute, or "do not disturb".
    xi.)  The examination cannot be voluntarily stopped and restarted.
    xii.)  No one is permitted to enter your room during the examination.  This also includes peeking in, or partially opening a door.  Should someone enter, or attempt to enter your room, we will immediately terminate and void your examination.
    xiii.)  If you are found to be looking around at another part of your room and away from your immediate work space, we will promptly terminate the examination.
    xiv.)  If our connection drops for any reason, you must stay seated until we are able to resolve the issue that has caused our disconnection.  If we are unable to resolve the problem, we will need to reschedule the exam session.
    xv.)  You will then be asked to type your FRN in the Examinee Login page, click "Login" and begin your examination.

e.)  If you have an additional applicant in your exam room and you finish your exam first, the Lead VE will move you into a results room and score the exam.  You will be promptly notified of your results and given the option to start the next element (if necessary) or finish the exam session and request a CSCE.  If you plan to test for an additional element, you will be asked to type your FRN back into the Examinee Login page, click "Login" and start the next exam.  You will immediately be moved back into your exam room.  Should you decide to end the exam session, you will be guided to completing the document generation process and your results will be certified.  Your documents will be electronically generated in PDF format by our exam platform, typically within a few minutes.

f.)  After the exam session is over, your information will be sent to our corresponding VEC for further processing.  Licenses are typically issued within 1 to 3 business days after you pass your exam.

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